If you have ever gone on a diet in a bid to lose weight fast, you will know how difficult it is to stay happy and healthy while eating boring foods, constantly counting calories, holding back on your favorite foods and generally being miserable. Depriving yourself of appetizing and delicious food can actually cause stress and work against your weight loss program, by making you go on binge-eating sessions from time to time - which is no good for weight loss.
Fitness guru and Chef Karine Losier, also known as the Lean Kitchen Queen, has a master's degree in psychology and is aware of how hard a diet can be on you. That's why she has come up with a group of “Metabolic Cooking” recipes, along with co-author and “the Muscle Cook” Dave Ruel, to help people with weight problems sustain their diets and eat happy. metabolic cooking review
What Is Different About Metabolic Cooking?
“Metabolic Cooking” is a set of cookbooks for healthy weight loss that differentiates itself from others of its kind. Losier and Ruel have noticed that most such cookbooks have some fundamental problems that make it difficult to actually lose weight with the recipes they describe. Metabolic Cooking corrects these problems and provides solutions that are scientific and effective.
First, the ingredients other cookbooks use – such as margarine, high calorie dressings and even sugar – do not help to burn fat and instead can even encourage the body to store more of it. Metabolic Cooking replaces these ingredients with “Metabolic Thermo Charge ingredients”. Certain foods such as peppers, paprika, peanut butter, kiwi and other delicious foods have the power to make the body burn fat faster, and these are the ingredients that go into creating recipes in this book.
Another problem that cookbooks have is that they are not organized to help you make fast and easy meal plans. Metabolic Cooking organizes recipes in a way that lets you know what nutrients you are eating in each meal, so you don't have to constantly make calorie calculations and drive your stress up the roof.
A third problem with traditional weight loss cookbooks is that they don't consider the phenomenon of Metabolic Adaptation. In other words, when you eat the same non-metabolic foods every day, your body's metabolism gets used to it and slows down until you're no longer losing fat. Losier and Ruel's cookbook encourages you to vary your nutrient intakes each day, so that the body never gets used to it. You'll be losing weight faster as your metabolism is always working to burn those high metabolic foods.
In Conclusion
“Metabolic Cooking” is clearly an easy to follow set of recipe books with some great recipes like Sweet Pepper Beef Stir-fry, Metabolicious Krazy Kiwi Smoothie, Fat Torching Spanish Rice, Choco-Peanut Butter Oat Muffins and others that are delicious and fat burning. The recipes use simple ingredients that are great for the entire family, and they are fast to prepare. The verdict: there are bound to be plenty of people who will benefit from the recipes when it comes to weight loss.


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